We’ve taken our knowledge and expertise of designing and manufacturing hydraulic boat lifts for over 20 years and combined that with our Vertical Cable Lift.  The result, a newly designed Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift.  We have crafted this lift specifically to eliminate the need for any sort of after market power source to operate it.  Boaters can raise and lower their boat in under 30 seconds!  This lift uses a self contained 12V power source, charged by a 10 watt solar panel, eliminating the need to run power to the dock for charging.  All pulleys used on our Vertical Hydraulic Boat lift are oil impregnated and self lubricating,  creating a longer life cycle for all pulleys and stainless steel cables.  This results in less maintenance and more time spent on the water.  Lastly, shallow water is no problem!  With only 8″ of water needed, our Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift is perfect for shallow water applications.

4,500 LB VERT. HYD

Model:        45120VH
Maximum Weight:         4,500 Lbs
Maximum Beam:            120″
Lifting Height:            54″
Min. Water Depth: 8″ + Draft of Boat
Bunk Length:            12′
Leg Height:      4 – 36″ Legs
Weight of Lift:         400 Lbs.

6,000 LB VERT. HYD

Model: 60120VH
Maximum Weight: 6,000 Lbs.
Maximum Beam: 120″
Lifting Height: 54″
Min. Water Depth: 8″ + Draft of Boat
Bunk Length: 12′
Leg Height: 4 – 36″ Legs
Weight of Lift: 475 Lbs.