Superior Protection from the Elements!

A lot of companies that make canopies for boat lifts talk about the strength of their canvas.  At Shore-Mate we use a special marine-grade fabric that is resistant to water, mildew, and UV rays.  The real secret to our canopy’s durability is that we craft all canopy frames out of the same heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum that we use in our boat lifts.  When you put a Shore-Mate canopy on one of our well-made lightweight frames, you give your boat continuous,  thorough protection from all that Mother Nature has to offer, that you will approve of for years to come.

Canopy Features

If you are looking to keep your boat out of the sun completely, we also offer Wake Board Canopies that offer an additional drop-down for complete coverage for any type of boat.  All special orders for canopies are subject to a $150.00 additional charge.

Available Canopy Color Swatches

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Protection from Top to Bottom!

Wake Board Tower Canopies

In 2004, we developed a canopy for boats with Wake Board Towers.  This canopy offers 60 inches of additional drop on all three sides of the canopy.  This canopy offers superior protection from the sun light and all of the elements that mother nature has to offer.   Our Wake Board Tower canopy is also ideal for pontoon boats and for standard boats, it’s like a garage for your boat!  This canopy is compatible with all of our hydraulic lift models and can be made in any length!

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