Boat Lifts

You will appreciate owning a Shore-Mate just as much as your boat will!

Hydraulic or cable lifts for boats of all sizes, pontoons, and personal water crafts

Every Shore-Mate boat lift is designed and manufactured with ease-of-use, versatility, and durability in mind!

Toms House, Double Hydraulic PWC with canopy 3 (1)

Hydraulic Lifts

We were the first manufacture to introduce a fully hydraulic boat lift, which today sets the industry standard.  With a self-contained power source and had-held remote control, these impressive lifts quickly lower your boat or pontoon into the water for a quick get-away.  At the end of the day, push a button, and your Shore-Mate hydraulic lift will raise your boat or pontoon securely out of the water and keep it safe until your next adventure.   Our hydraulic lifts are recommended for boats up to 24,000 pounds and pontoons weighing up to 6,000 pounds dry.

4500 FH Tri toon kit standard drop (1)

Vertical Hydraulic Lifts

We’ve taken our knowledge and expertise of designing and manufacturing hydraulic boat lifts for over 20 year and combined it with our Vertical Cable Lift.  The result, our newly designed Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift.  We designed this lift specifically to elimiate the need for any sort of after market power source to operate the lift.  Boaters can raise and lower their boat in under 30 seconds.  Shallow water, no problem!  With only 8″ of water needed, our Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift is perfect for any shallow water application.


Manual Lifts

Our manual lifts are not only built to last, they are also easily operated. Each lift is equipped with a geared winch that makes it easy for anyone to raise and lower their boat or personal watercraft. Recommended for boats up to 6,000 pounds and pontoon boats weighing up to 6,000 pounds dry. Each lift has a number of features that make getting on and off the water incredibly fast and simple.

PWC and Small Craft Lifts

We manufacture lifts for personal water crafts (PWC’s) and smaller boats weighing up to 1,600 pounds.  Whether you own a PWC, small fishing boat, canoe, or kayak, these lifts will make getting on and off the water more convenient than ever.  Each lift is manufactured using light weight, and amazingly strong marine grade aluminum, non-corrosive fasteners, fittings, and 3/16-inch cables, which run effortlessly through durable nylon sheaves.  Each lift also carries our industry leading Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Toms House, Double Hydraulic PWC with canopy 3 (1)

Pontoon Lifts

A Shore-Mate pontoon lift is a great way to keep your boat out of the water, clean, and in great condition.  If your tired of having to cover your boat, adding a canopy to your lift takes away the need to cover your boat after every use.  Our pontoon lifts are offered in our manual, hydraulic, and vertical hydraulic models, only with different cradles to lift your pontoon boat out of the water.  Lastly, all models are available for Tri-Toon pontoons as well!