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We are happy to offer a beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly outdoor living furniture line by C.R. Plastic Products.  Not only is this line manufactured from up 100% recycled plastic, it is crafted with comfort in mind.  Each piece is designed with tapered paddles, a contoured back and seat,  5 1/2″ wide arms and integrated screw strips to eliminate exposed screws.  Lastly, what we love most is that this line is designed with 7/8″ thick premium material with solid color and woodgrain finish.  The premium material creates a heavy product that is sure to withstand heavy winds and the wear and tear necessary to be the perfect lake front living furniture line for you.

C.R. Plastic Products offers Adirondack chairs, deep seating, dining, and endless options to customize each space to be exactly what you need.

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Below is just a small sample of the pieces we offer at very competitive pricing. We customize every order to fit your needs! Whether it be lakefront living, outdoor dining, or simple seating for two! Feel free to stop in, make an appointment, or request a quote by email!

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